Resolve Online helps you to navigate your way to an amicable resolution with your ex-partner in your own home, at your own pace, without solicitors. 




Think of Resolve Online as your first step. Designed by Collective Family Law, Resolve Online is a guided program to help you through your family law matter without a lawyer.

Caralee Fontenele is the Director of  Collective Family Law, has this online program to help you resolve your matter sooner, without significant time delays or costs. 

We understand that most clients don't want to retain a lawyer, and for them, it is a last resort, but they still need some guidance.

If you are going through a family law matter and feel completely overwhelmed, Resolve Online is the perfect first step to take to be empowered.


We understand you want to avoid hiring a lawyer, but googling legal processes isn't working for you either! That is why we have guided videos in all the program stages to ensure that you gain clarity and certainty.


We simplify the process and give you the worksheets you need to start to resolve your family law matter.  There is no need to be in the dark. We shine a light on the process for you!


Caralee & her team have helped thousands of clients negotiate positive outcomes without going to court! If you want legal guidance & expertise without the price tag. This program is for you.  


  • Understand what your rights and entitlements are, as well as what legal paths are available.
  • Feel confident and clarify your legal position regarding property and parenting arrangements.
  • Be in control of your circumstance, so you have the best chance of achieving a positive outcome with your ex-partner.
  • Understand the best strategies to negotiate with your ex-partner. 
  • Know how to finalise your family law matter so you can move on.
  • Transform your life from where you are now and get the results you deserve!

How Can Resolve Help You?

You will learn what to do when you separate, what the law is in Australia regarding property division and parenting, how to negotiate with your ex, how to finalise your property settlement, and how to move on with your life faster.

As a family lawyer and someone that has personally been through a divorce, Caralee knows how difficult it is for you. That is why she has developed this easy to understand program to help you get results faster.

How does it work?

As soon as you sign up, you will have full access to the program. Every module is packed with information designed to answer all of your questions about separation and divorce without the overwhelming or lawyer talk.

Potentially saving you thousands of dollars in legal fees!

What does Resolve Online cover?



The course covers separation, what you should do when you separate and how to navigate this period of time.

Property Division

You will learn how the law in Australia prescribes property division. Workbooks are provided, and we show you how to estimate your entitlement.


The course covers what Australia's law provides for parents and children in separated families and how to finalise your parenting arrangements.


We guide you on negotiating with your ex-partner and communicating even when it is challenging. 

Legal Process

You will learn what the legal process looks like, how to navigate it yourself and what your pathway options are.

Finalising You Matter

Most importantly, you will learn how to finalise your matter to move on to your best life!


How Is The Program Delivered?


  • At Your Pace:  You choose in your own time when you log in and go through the program. You have access to all the topics allowing you to progress as you need it.
  • Short Videos: As you walk through each module, the videos give you step by step guides regarding the legal process. They are designed to be short and not overwhelm you.
  • Action-packed workbooks: Every module comes with a workbook with action steps, worksheets, and templates.
  • Up-to-date Information sheets: These information sheets provide you with detailed information about each module.
  • Checklists: The checklists help you stay on track when moving through the steps in your separation and divorce. 
  • Clear Steps: You gain clarity of the steps you need to take next.
  • Guidance: How to get the result you want and how to finalise your family law matter properly so that you can have certainty moving forward. 






Full access 

Created by lawyers for you

Access guides and workbooks

Learn where you stand

Resolve your matter amicably

Negotiate without lawyers

Move on faster!

All for less than a one-hour consultation with a lawyer.


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Full access to online course

Created by lawyers for you

Access guides and workbooks

Learn how where you stand

Resolve your matter amicably

Negotiate without lawyers

Move on faster!

All for less than a one-hour consultation with a lawyer.


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Hey there, I'm Caralee Fontenele.

I am the director of Collective Family Law. I fully understand that not everyone wants or needs to retain a lawyer. 

It is normal to be hopeful that you can resolve your family law issues without assistance from a solicitor. In fact, many people do.

However, you must understand your legal position.

That is why I have created this online program to walk you through the steps and provide practical solutions to protect your position. 

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